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280 Bulyea Rd NW
Edmonton, T6R 2A5

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Picture Of Brookview Preschool South West Edmonton
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We are located in the Brookview Community Centre, beside George H. Luck Elementary School. 

The executive and teachers would like to hear from you if you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions. Please feel free to contact the teachers directly to discuss your child and his or her progress. Open communication is the key to a successful year for both you and your child.

The executive can be reached by email at or at

President - Khaled Taliani
Vice President - Jenny Korol
Secretary - Allie Zamir
Treasurer - Lindsay Bohaichuk
Registrar - Trisha Garcia
Assistant Registrar / Webmaster - Lauren Law
Fundraising Chair - Elysia MacDonald 

Casino Coordinator - Desmond Lee

Class Liaison 3 yr AM - Richelle Pelech
Class Liaison 4 yr AM - Wendy Vargas
Class Liaison MWF PM - Camile Taliani

Class Liaison TR PM - Jodi Min
Community Liaison - Khalid Taliani

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