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The Answers You Need

What are your class times?
2022/2023 School Year

4 year olds Morning or Afternoon

  • Monday- Wednesday - Friday 8:45 am ‒ 11:15 am 

  • Monday - Wednesday - Friday  12:30 - 3:00 pm

3 year olds Morning or Afternoon

  • Tuesday - Thursday 8:45 am ‒ 11:15 am

  • Tuesday - Thursday 12:30 - 3:00 pm

5 Day Flex PM 3&4 year olds Combined

  • 12:30 pm - 3:00 pmMonday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday


What is a typical day routine?

8:45-9:05/ 12:30-12:50

  • Welcome 

  • Let us Read our Little Book Together

  • Greeting Song

  • Attendance

  • Letter/Colour/Shape


  • Music or movement

  • Show and Tell


  • Craft, Free Play & Calendar


  • Hand washing & Snack Time

  • Writing/Counting/Reading/Puzzles



  • Weather

  • Confident Communicators 

  • Story


  • Phonics Fun

  • Rhyme Time

  •  Mindfullness

  • Good Bye

Do children need to be toilet trained?

YES. Toilet trained means that the child is able to communicate to others when he/she needs to go to the bathroom (no pull-ups or diapers). However, accidents are understandable once in a while.

What is required by parents?

  • There are no in-class parent duties required. 

  • Fundraising is required in order to cover the operational costs of the preschool.

  • A sign up sheet is available during the month of September for any parent who wishes to volunteer for a listed duty (craft preparation, laundry, Scholastic Book orders, play dough preparation).

  • A sign up sheet is available each month starting in October for parents to fill in if they would like to volunteer in the classroom.

  • Parent involvement is an essential component to a successful preschool program and the teachers encourage your participation.

What is your discipline or guidance policy?

The Preschool maintains a positive approach in problem solving.


A. Set Clear Expectations: The teachers will develop and share with the children positive expectations that are age and developmentally appropriate, ensuring the safety of all children, adults and materials in the program.

B. Redirection: If the teachers see a potential problem they will try engaging one or more of the children in another activity

C. Giving Choices: When difficulties arise children will be given choices for alternative activities.

D. Problem Solving:
- The teachers will apply problem solving approaches, which
encourage children to resolve conflicts with others.

E. Time Outs: If the actions of a child put themselves or others at risk of injury the child will leave the play area with an adult for a short time to calm down. When the child is ready he/she will return to play.

What amount of fundraising is expected?

  • Fundraising is a key component to the success of the preschool. Each parent is expected to participate in fundraising activities. Details of these activities will be outlined throughout the year.

  • Every second year we hold a casino that requires each family to volunteer. The next casino date will be in the 2023/2024 school year.

How many cleaning bees are required per parent per school year?

No Cleaning Bees! We have hired a professional company to come and clean once a month as required by the licencing board. This change has been a very positive one for our parents.

What are the chances of my child attending the preschool?

The preschool determines enrolment through the following process:

  1. Alumni students have first choice

  2. Siblings of alumni students have second choice

  3. The remaining spaces are divided as follows:

  • 1/2 of the spaces are designated to Brookview Community League residents

  • 1/2 of the spaces are designate to non-Brookview Community League residents.

Do you take field trips?

No. We do not go on out of school trips. However have a "special themed day" once per month and we have "in house" guests at various times throughout the year.

Is there a difference between the 3 year old class and the 4 year old class?

The programs run very closely to each other in both the 3 year old class and the 4 year old class. The 4 year old classes have a strong focus of independence and preparing students for kindergarten.

Are snacks provided by the school?

No. Each student is responsible to bring his or her own nutritious, "nut-free" snack including a drink in a re-sealable container.

What Covid - 19 protocols are in place?

Brookview Community Preschool follows the most up to date COVID-19 guidelines set in place by the Government of Alberta.

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