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Our Mission

Learning Through Play

Social Development


Children will learn to respect one another, to solve conflicts with their peers and to work collaboratively in a safe environment.

Emotional Development

kids looking at fish

Children are encouraged to learn at  their own pace. Individual expression and feelings of self-worth are heightened when children are given opportunities to feel successful and valued.

Language Development


Physical Development


Gross motor skills are developed through indoor and/or outdoor physical activities and are part of the daily routine. Children will engage in age-appropriate physical activities and appreciate how keeping active relates to staying healthy. Fine motor skills are honed during most classroom learning opportunities.

Intellectual Development


Basic numeracy, literacy and science skills will evolve from discovery through play.  Students will begin to learn to reason, to work collaboratively, to think creatively and to use the critical thinking skills needed for learning in the 21st Century.

Our Philosophy

Our teachers will guide your child through a year of theme-based units and fun-filled activities. Your child will be immersed in a setting designed for discovery through play learning with curriculum updates to include science and technology suited to their developmental stage. Your child will be involved in a dynamic social setting with many new friends and will develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge necessary for Kindergarten readiness.  Smiling, learning and growing … that's what Brookview Community Preschool is all about!

Language and vocabulary are nurtured as children engage in attentive listening, extended conversation and interaction with their teachers and peers as they discover together.  The children are exposed to many stories appropriate to their learning. Early literacy, including letter recognition, sounds and phonics emerge through these classroom activities. 

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Teacher Kavitha

Teacher Kavitha is Brookview Community Preschool’s Lead Teacher and has been with the school for 10 years. She brings with her a wealth of training and experience and has been in the teaching industry for almost 20 years. Teacher Kavitha has a Masters Certification in Child Psychology, Diploma in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. 


With a strong belief that early childhood education is crucial for kids’ holistic development, Teacher Kavitha provides opportunities for kids to build self-confidence, learn social skills, and develop their learning dispositions. With the vision of “Engagement, Empowerment and Enjoyment”, student engagement is nurtured to help them self regulate and empower them to be critical thinkers in an enjoyable learn-through-play environment. She works towards developing each child to their fullest potential and cultivates a community of life long learners. As a Preschool teacher STEM learning is a new area of interest to her.


Teacher Kavitha is always busy in creating activities and Centers that can best stimulate kids thinking capabilities and challenge them to explore various concepts and methods in a safe environment. She encourages every child’s uniqueness and giftedness and moreover supports their thoughts of learn through play. Their cute smile brings a great happiness and satisfaction to her as a preschool teacher. 

In her free time, she likes listening to music, gardening, travelling with family, volunteering in community social events and also loves to plan preschool activities.

teacher tammy.jpg

Teacher Tammy

Teacher Tammy has been working with children for the last 15 years and has plenty of experience with teaching in a preschool setting. She has an administrative secretarial diploma, an Educational Assistant Certificate and is certified as a child development assistant. 


Tammy believes kids learn best by engaging in practical application of learned skills and that early learning is critical for kids to explore new things, learn social skills and develop fine and gross motor skills that will help them prepare for kindergarten. Tammy enjoys the enthusiasm and eagerness of preschool children in learning new things and believes preschool gives them a chance to further explore the world around them. 


Watching kids and seeing what things excite them helps Teacher Tammy to gain ideas on activities that increase their thirst of knowledge. She likes to plan crafts and activities that help grow these ideas in a safe environment. Tammy takes great pleasure from watching the huge smiles and student learning that comes from student discovery and she is excited to work with new families and students every year.


Teacher Tammy has two daughters and is expecting her first grandchild very soon. She is a member of a local dart league and enjoys walking with her dogs and seeing what beautiful areas are in our city.

Our Classroom
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